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we celebrate our pastors

Pastor Appreciation


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We want to honor and appreciate our very own Pastor Eunice. She is one of the greatest blessings of God to our church family. She walks with such anointing that brings empowerment and encouragement to all the people around her. She always challenges and helps everyone to succeed and excel in their calling, in their passion, and their walk with God. One of the many desires of her heart has always been to see people come together and worship the King of kings. What a joy it is to be led by our amazing Pastor Eunice! Today, we honor you. We love you and appreciate you so much!

We want to take time to highlight our amazing Pastor Sefa Lam Yuen! Not only does he lead our Men’s Ministry but he’s also been leading construction of our beautiful building these past few years, CRM’s Audio Team and even our Praise & Worship! He has been such a blessing to our CRM Family and is truly the definition of a powerful man of God! We appreciate you, Pastor Sefa, and EVERYTHING you do for not only CRM, but for the Kingdom. We love you!



We want to honor and appreciate our founding pastors, Pastor Reuben and Pastor Clarita. These two are truly heaven sent! Their love for God overflows to everyone around them. They share the Word of God to everyone they encounter. As a father and a mother, they have led so many families into God’s arms. As a husband and wife, they have helped bring restoration to marriages. As a man and as a woman, they have shown what it looks like to live a righteous life. Thank you mom and dad / grandma and grandpa, for going before us and paving a way. No words could express how much we love you and honor you as our Founding Pastors!

associate PASTORS

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We want to celebrate Pastor Steve Barruel! He carries the Hope of Glory wherever he goes. He has a Father’s heart for every person he meets. Pastor Steve has always been passionate for the restoration of relationships and families—to see Malachi 4:6 come into fruition. It is an honor and joy to be led by Pastor Steve! We love you!

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We want to appreciate our Pastor Ruby Barruel! Pastor Ruby is one of our powerful associate pastors. Her heart has always been to see the broken hearted healed and the captives set free. Everywhere she goes, she ignites passion to dream the outrageous dreams that God plants within us. It is an honor and privilege to be led by Pastor Ruby, and to be able to receive from the wisdom she carries. We love you Pastor Ruby!

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