"They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" - Revelation 12:11

FEB 18, 2021 - GOD LOVES ME...

Before the fast started, I felt like I became comfortable and stagnant in my relationship with Christ. I knew I was not where I wanted to be but I was so comfortable that I didn’t care much to get out of my comfort zone (I mean, who doesn’t wanna be comfortable?)

This fast was just the push that I needed. I felt the Father telling me to fast from social media and solid foods for the first time, so I said yes. Not having any apps to open every time I picked up my phone and being constantly hungry encouraged me to rely on Him more and read the Bible more than I ever have before. This led me to feel more connected and sensitive to the Father.

He was, then, able to reveal areas in my life where I had partnered with lies and made it a part of my identity. He showed me how I was believing in lies that I already thought I had broken off. I was believing that I was not powerful enough, that my words weren’t good enough, that I had to work for His love.

He didn’t just reveal the lies to me but He also told me the truth and brought people in my life to remind me of who I am during the leadership retreat. He was rewiring me during this fast. I felt a weight being lifted off of me— the weight of having to please people and of having to do things perfectly. He was telling me that He is pleased with me and there is nothing I could do that would make Him love me more or less. I know we hear this often but this time it was different. He’s given me an unexplainable freedom that empowers me to step out and stop hiding behind the shadows but be who He called me to be.

FEB 11, 2021 - GOD SAYS "I AM"...

My entire life, I’ve always felt “average” or not enough for anything or anyone. When I was younger, I’d be told I was good, but not good enough in almost everything I did. It really molded my young mind into thinking I would never be enough. I didn’t realize just how much I carried that mentality into my adulthood until this past weekend. I’ve realized that even when I did things to the absolute best of my abilities, whether in ministry, at work, or just in my personal life, there was still a small thought in my head that said I’m good, but not good enough.

During our MLT retreat this past weekend, I heard Him, clear as day, telling me “YOU ARE ENOUGH”. He told me not only am I enough, but I am powerful. In that moment, I realized I am everything He says I am, because I was created wonderfully in His image. I can’t even explain the weight that was lifted off of my shoulders; it was as if every lie and every chain that was holding me back from knowing my true identity was broken.

My life changed in the single moment I realized I truly am who He says I am, and that I am enough, I am powerful and I am His forever.


Share and Care Young at Heart is a ministry that serves the Seniors in our community by delivering free grocery bags to them. As our team members deliver, we also get pray for and declare blessings to them.


Here is Lorna, one of our Share and Care Young at Heart recipients, sharing a powerful testimony about God answering our prayers for her daughter.

JAN 28, 2021 - GOD IS OUR HEALER...

Pursuing healthy blood sugar - In the span of 1 1/2 years, my A1c has gone from 8.3 (highest it’s ever been) to 6.6 (the lowest it’s ever been).  PRAISE GOD! The normal range for a person’s A1c is 5.6 or lower.  Just recently received my test results on paper from the Doctor stating that my diabetes is “well controlled”.

My desire is to be within the normal range of 5.6 or lower by the summer. With that said, I will continue doing what I am doing by pursuing physical wellness (working out 3-4 times a week), eating healthy, being aware of my sugar intake and tracking my blood sugar daily.  I believe it’s a partnership with God when I do my part. As I do my part, God will do His. I know His Will is for healing upon my body.

I am one day closer to hearing the doctors say “I no longer have to take medication for my diabetes.  My blood sugar is now in the normal range.”


“As a healthcare provider, most of us tend to be the worst type of patients. I have actually been having problems with palpitations for about 6-7 years now. (Palpitation is an irregular, rapid, strong heartbeat.) Sometimes it's even hard to take a deep breath and there are days that I need to sit down.

During this pandemic, God put in my heart to really pay attention to my health. I started my journey with diet and exercise.  Then, I noticed that the episodes of my palpitations had been way less. I praise God for reminding me to put my health as a priority. I praise God because as I take care of other people- as it is my life-long calling, He wants to take care of me. He reminds me how much I mean to Him and that I, too, am important. I can't wait to celebrate my process and progress with Him and with my family.”


“Sometimes, we think of God as being the God of the big things. Sometimes, we always expect and look out for that monumental event to see and say that our God is good. But do you believe that God also cares about the little things that we need?

Here is Lola, one of our Share Care Ministry recipients, sharing her story about how God cares, even the littlest of things that she needed.

How about you? We encourage you to have a faith that can see God even in the simplest of things


Teaching God’s word to young kids is a responsibility that I am grateful for and I trust the Holy Spirit fully that He speaks through me for our children.

This pandemic challenged us on how to continue imparting the Scripture to the young minds. But God – He is faithful because we have the technology to utilize for His Glory.  Yes! Kids Konnect was born, in March of last year. We partner with supportive parents and we are able to meet every Saturday for at least an hour. We bond and learn through our study of the Scripture, sharing testimonies, prayers, games, and activities.  The kids that the Lord have entrusted before us are the new leaders of this generation.

We, together with other Sunday School teachers, Pastors, and parents) are prayerful that they will grow up fearing and loving the Lord.  As we dive deeper in reading and understanding the scripture, using some YouTube videos-shared with them before the Saturday class, we trust that those learnings are embedded in their hearts and will be pulled out in times of need.

From Kids Konnect, I ask parents to encourage your kids to join us every Saturdays at 5PM. Kids in our class now are from age 6-12 (older are welcome).  As a parent of a 9 year-old boy, I ask the Lord for the right words of encouragement so all our children will have interest and passion in learning more about our Creator.

DEC 31, 2020 - GOD HEALS & PROTECTS...

There are many beautiful testimonies, but I will share this: I want to praise God for healing and protecting me. A few weeks ago I was home alone when I passed out due to a seizure. I felt scared and disoriented because I didn’t know what was happening. It’s been 4 years since I had one. 
I called my husband Caesar and my daughter Coco to come home. What is so beautiful was God protected me, I don’t remember falling or getting hurt as I passed out.  Just waking up knowing that something had happened.  I praise God, He is a good Father always there protecting His children. There were comfort and peace. Truly God was with me.

DEC 17, 2020 - GOD's FAITHFULNESS...

I work at a Senior Living Facility and part of my job is to give medications throughout the day. Most of the seniors that I take care of are sweet. However, there is one resident who is very combative. He keeps on exiting the building and he hits other workers.Before work last Sunday, I prayed that God will give me patience. That I am able to serve and bless the patients under my care. I prayed over that particular patient. When I came in, I noticed the shift in his personality, and the way he interacted with us. When I asked him to do something, he listened to me without resistance. He was smiling and laughing too. I praise God because He heard me. I know God is attentive to my prayers. I am fully aware, too, that it was God’s light shining through me! My shift last Sunday was filled with God’s presence and joy.

DEC 10, 2020 - GOD IS GOOD...

“Because God is good and His timing is perfect!  There was a time recently when I didn’t feel the fire or drive in my career. I asked God, “Is this where You want me?  Is this where You called me to be?” I didn’t hear anything and so I continuously pressed in and waited on Him, because I knew He would reveal Himself and His plans over me for this time and this situation.  The next day, I was on a telephone call with a client and at the end of the conversation, my client started thanking me for a job well done. He shared his gratitude and appreciation for the years that we have worked together. He said he was always at peace knowing that I was always looking out for his best interest.  At that moment, I felt super encouraged and motivated to be where I am. I thanked him as well for being a dedicated client and I asked if I could pray for him (yes, even in a place of business). He said yes to prayer and I released everything Holy Spirit showed me about him. It was a powerful time and I praise God for all of it.  God heard my words and He knows my heart. 


After I hung up, I started crying for JOY and praising God for His goodness and His perfect timing. I am excited for this season and this next year!   I know that God has gone before me and He has opened lots of doors. I’m ready to walk through this journey with God!!!  To God be the glory”

Dec 3, 2020 - THANKSGIVING...

We praise God for what happened last Wednesday on our Thanksgiving Community Curbside Dinner. Through His love, grace, and abundance, we were able to serve 600+ people in our community by providing them a Thanksgiving Meal, by praying, and by declaring blessings to them and their families. We gave out school uniforms and school supplies to 120+ children who came. Also, we served 54 seniors in our community by delivering the Thanksgiving Meals and free grocery bags.

The presence of God is so thick and there were a lot of people who encountered Him that night with testimonies of healing and other breakthroughs. All of us are full of joy and thanksgiving to the One who deserve it all.

Nov 19, 2020 - HE IS FAITHFUL...

Grace-Praise is one of our talented worship leaders. Even though she knows who her Heavenly Father is, sometimes, there are still doubts if He is going to show up. Today, she is sharing this powerful testimony of God reminding her of who He is — He is a God of provision and abundance.


“Last week, I was stressing because I have bills to pay and I had literally nothing in my bank account. I knew I was getting a check from work but I also knew it might not suffice. I prayed about it and asked Him for provision, but in my heart, I didn’t truly believe that He will provide. I was worrying about the plans I should take to get the money I needed.Miraculously enough, when I asked my sister to get the mails for me, I got THREE CHECKS! It was way more than what I was expecting.God reminded me in this circumstance that I should KNOW the truth about the God that I am serving. He told me, “Time and time again, I provide for you. You never slip my mind. You don't have to stress or do this on your own! I got you, my daughter.”

Nov 12, 2020 - POWER IN PRAYER...

Hannah Bercilla is one of our amazing youth volunteers for various church activities. Today, she shares a powerful reminder yet again of how a simple prayer can lead to someone’s breakthrough.

“I was at my gym ready to kick start my day and work out when I saw someone who was wearing a cast and using crutches. In my heart, I felt that God was telling me to go pray for this person. So I took the risk and the opportunity to approach him. I found out that he tore his Achilles recently while playing basketball. I am not comfortable in praying in public, much more praying for a person that I don’t know but I pressed in because he was being highlighted. I was crying while declaring healing for him and I feel that God was just smiling.
When I came back to the gym few weeks after, he told me that ever since I prayed for him, his Achilles has gotten stronger. As of now, he said that he still needs to do physical therapy but he is officially off his cast now. I’m continuously praying for him and believing for complete healing in Jesus’ name.”  

How amazing it is that we are always just one prayer away from a miracle? We hope that this encourages us to take risks and pray whenever God leads. We have the hope and the healing that the people around us need.


Esther Fuentes is one of our dedicated leaders and volunteers who has a big heart to help at various church activities. Today, she shared a powerful story of God being a miracle-worker and a promise keeper.

"A local Pittsburg Resident by name of Jesus came to CRM to help do yard work. I know his family and his wife told me that he has cancer in his throat, though I am not certain of the type. I told Glory and Aislyn, who were in the office at the time about his condition and immediately, Glory said, “Let’s pray for him”. Although challenged with not being able to speak Spanish, Glory pressed in, mustering in broken Spanish the words she knew to pray and declared healing for him.  A week after, when I visited my mom, she told me that Jesus called her and he was crying. He had just visited his doctor and his doctor confirmed that his cancer is miraculously shrinking - with even a possibility that his cancer would be gone in five months!"  Indeed, God hears and God still heals. Let's continue to press in and believe for complete healing. God is faithful to complete the good work that He has started (Philippians 1:6)

Oct 30, 2020 - DIVINE CONNECTIONS...

Let's start this day with the goodness of our Heavenly Father. Israel Castro Cortez shares this beautiful story of an encounter when he and some of the Worship Team members (Abby Francisco, Glory-Gee Aquino, and Grace-Praise Aquino) went out to eat after rehearsals. It is amazing to see how God uses willing vessels to bring His children back to Him.

"One Thursday, after our worship rehearsal we all went to In N Out. After having enjoyed our meal, the exhaustion hit us so we kind of had some fun dancing to music in the parking lot—yes we were THAT weirdo. When suddenly, a man with a boy approached us interrupting our fun moment. And you already know what goes down - at least we presume in our heads - they ask for money, you give them some, they thank you, you leave and bless them, end of story.   This time, however, it wasn’t like that. The father told us him and his family didn’t have a place to stay so we gave them some money. I was wearing my hat that says “Essential Worship” and immediately, the father says “Woah. I can definitely feel His presence.”   That was our cue. We found out he was in prison and after being the “mocker of Christians” in prison, the beautiful presence of God touched him one day and changed his life. Fast forward, he’s in a dark place desperately feeling hopeless and defeated. We prayed for him, prophesied over him, he cried, they received money from other people that saw us and lastly, him and his two sons ended accepting Jesus in their hearts once more."


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