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"They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony" - Revelation 12:11

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    “No one is poor, who has a praying mother!” – Abraham Lincoln
Cecilia was born in a very, very poor family. She was an orphan at a very young age. A young married couple took her and they had her as her guardians. At her young teen age, she married a hard-working young man and had ten children. The youngest child was barely two years old when the husband died because of an accident.
    Cecilia’s perseverance, persistence, and patience enabled her to keep her children together until they were able to marry and establish their own families. Only three children stayed with her.
    One of her daughters had an encounter with some American Missionaries and it led her to the Lord. This gave Cecilia a real personal experience of the love of God! She also received a powerful healing from the Lord where she got healed from her high blood pressure and poor eye sight. Since then, she was able to read even small prints in the Bible. Her life was a real testimony of God’s love.
    She loved reading the Word of God. She showed what it means to be spiritual and not just religious. She worked hard and it was her heart’s desire to serve others. She loved to talk to the Father in heaven— while others were asleep, I heard how she whispered and prayed to Him.
     I believed God has heard her. It is because of her fervent prayers that stir up my heart and mind to follow God’s call. Her prayers followed me for more than half a century— God has providing for my every need, showing through signs and miracles that He is a loving Father who answers the prayers of a loving mother!

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APRIL 29, 2021 - GOD DIRECTS US...

Coming home has been such a beautiful journey for us.  After being in Redding for 11 years, the Lord directed us back home to be with our family.


Though it has been a stretching season, it has been incredibly exciting watching Him orchestrate things beyond our what we can imagine. When we say “yes” to Him, our act of obedience will part the Red Sea.

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One of the things that impacted me at our Renewal Youth Group was prayer.  The way I feel during prayer is happy because I am talking to God. They teach us that prayer is just like talking to your best friend. It’s nice to know that I can talk to God like He is my best friend.


Also, I liked learning about God and Jesus while being surrounded by good leaders who know God and kids my age.


I liked knowing that I’m safe there because God is protecting us. Youth group helped me get closer to God.  I have been able to have a lot more talks with my mom about God and even asked about wanting to get baptized.  I’ve also been able to talk to some of my friends about God and His love for us.

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I was feeling really bad – there was something inside me that I was praying to God but I didn’t feel that He was answering my prayers, so I wanted to give up. Then, last Sunday during service, when the Pastors called for people to come up for prayer… I stood up but I immediately sat back down. But I fought the feeling and said “Not today, Satan. I’m going to go up there and be prayed for.”

I went up there and Pastor Sefa prayed for me and I started crying and I felt embarrassed. But I realized it was because of the joy of the Lord. The whole prayer touched my heart. Especially when Pastor Sefa said, “We are going to wipe you clean,” and he dusted off my shoulders. That moment, I knew the Holy Spirit was lifting everything off of me that is not from Him. I felt like all the dirt are being washed. I started feeling high. I feel the Holy Spirit, I feel like I’m glowing with His love.

God is so good – the things that He does for us that we don’t deserve. What He did for me last Sunday? He just removed every dirt from me. All the shine, glow, and the happiness and joy, that came to me like a flood. I went home dancing and singing and praising Him. Truly, God never leaves us nor forsakes us.

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I praise God for this new season in our life as a family. Indeed, when you are obedient to what He is calling you to do, all doors and opportunities that need to be opened will be opened.


Coming back to CRM was such a blessing to us. God has opened a lot of doors for us specially in the area of Ministry. Serving God along with the CRM Leadership was such an honor and privilege. God allowed me to step in to my destiny and see the fulfillment of His promise. Also, it is our desire as parents to model to our child how to serve God and how to love Him fully. Being able to do that through CRM was a great blessing. 


My heart is full of joy and thanksgiving for what God is doing in our life because we have obeyed God to come back and be reconciled with CRM. We are back home.

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1 John 5:9 says, We accept human testimony, but God’s testimony is greater because it is the testimony of God, which He has given about His son.


As we enter into this time of commemorating Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and celebrating His resurrection and victory, we encourage you to read and meditate on the greatest testimony of all time that can be found in 1 John 5:9-12.

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MAR 25, 2021 - GOD IS MY HEALER...

I have been struggling with knee pain for about 20 years. It slows me down sometimes when I need to build something at the church because the pain was constant. But last Wednesday, God was just spoke to me the verse in John 14:12 that says “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”


Jesus healed people in His time here on earth and I believe as children of God and as co-heirs of Christ, that we are also able to do it if we believe. I believe for that healing. Last Wednesday, I declared this verse over and over on my knees. I felt the tingling and the pain subsiding. Since then, my knees are way better than before. I am not limping anymore like I did the past weeks. Truly, truly, I know I can be healed if I believe.