Nov 19, 2020 - HE IS FAITHFUL...

Grace-Praise is one of our talented worship leaders. Even though she knows who her Heavenly Father is, sometimes, there are still doubts if He is going to show up. Today, she is sharing this powerful testimony of God reminding her of who He is — He is a God of provision and abundance.“Last week, I was stressing because I have bills to pay and I had literally nothing in my bank account. I knew I was getting a check from work but I also knew it might not suffice. I prayed about it and asked Him for provision, but in my heart, I didn’t truly believe that He will provide. I was worrying about the plans I should take to get the money I needed.Miraculously enough, when I asked my sister to get the mails for me, I got THREE CHECKS! It was way more than what I was expecting.God reminded me in this circumstance that I should KNOW the truth about the God that I am serving. He told me, “Time and time again, I provide for you. You never slip my mind. You dont have to stress or do this on your own! I got you, my daughter.”

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