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Sunday Service:

  • Our Sunday service will be LIVE STREAMED via the CRM Facebook page (click link here) 

Tuesday and Saturday Prayer:

  • All prayer gatherings will be using the Conference Call Video platform (Free Conference Call).  Please text our admin team at 925-494-0488 if you would like to join our prayer time.  Temporary times are:

    • Tuesday morning 10:00am

    • Tuesday evening 6:00pm

    • Saturday morning 8:30am​​

Online Bible Class:

  • Join us on Friday, April 3rd at 7:00pm (using the Conference Call Video platform - Free Conference Call).  If you are NOT able to join us, please contact sis Aislyn A.

Corporate Prayer and MLT Meeting:

  • To all MLT Leaders, we will have our Corporate Prayer on Saturday, April 4th at 8:30am (using the Conference Call Video platform - Free Conference Call), followed immediately by our MLT Meeting.  If you are NOT able to join us, please contact Pastor Eunice direct.

Postponed Events:

  • The following items will be postponed until further notice:

    • Women's Ministry

    • Men's Ministry

    • Young at Heart

Scheduled Items to be determined:

  • We are waiting for future update to determine how we will have the following gatherings:

    • Good Friday, April 10th​

    • Resurrection Sunday, April 12th

Daily updates:

  • Mission Stars: 

    • We still have around 49 stars left that represent various pastors in various countries.  With your help, we are supporting their mission work and church. Minimum for each star is $25. If you would like to help, please donate online to "Mission Stars".

  • 40 Days of Hope California

    • Launched Feb 26th through April 5th.  Continue to pray for the state of California.  If you’re not seeing the daily 40 day prayer, please visit our CRM Facebook page  or visit the 40 Days of Hope page 

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